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Apple iPhone 14 rumors

January 31, 2022

The release of a new iPhone 14 is likely still months away, but some exciting rumors and leaks have been popping up across the internet. From a portless iPhone to a higher screen resolution and better cameras – all very exciting, but for us, the most intriguing rumor is that Apple might replace the notch with a differently shaped cut-out.

Since 2017, Apple has been releasing iPhones with a notch: the black part on top of the display that houses the hardware for Face ID, the camera, and the speaker. Last year's model, the iPhone 13, had a slightly smaller notch, but it was still there. But for the new iPhone 14, it looks like Apple will replace this with a circular cutout for the camera, possibly paired with a pill-shaped cutout to house the Face ID components.

At Mock Magic, we want to make it easy to create mockups with the latest devices, so we've added the iPhone 14 concept to our list of supported models in both the circular and pill+circular shaped cutout variants. What is your favorite?

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